StoryStorm 2019

In which I open the year with a participation trophy, and an apparent inability to resize graphics in WordPress. Hey, I’m the project manager and digital strategist… I’ve always gotten paid to be a bossy, busybody PITA, never to do the actual work.

StoryStorm Participant Trophy | Jan 2019 | | Kitty with umbrella
Here she is. My first participation trophy of 2019. Isn’t she pretty?

I did StoryStorm back when it was PiBoIdMo. AKA, back when I was enough of a baby writer that I thought maybe I could do picture books.  Spoiler alert: I can’t. I’m too verbose and like black magic too much.

But Tara probably picked up on my line of thinking, that a “what if” or a weird character can grow into a novel or a subplot or something. Past PiBoIdMo/StoryStorm has left me with a nice G-doc of half-baked story ideas that I revisit from time to time.

Like with NaNoWriMo and my burndown charts, I’ll find a way to make StoryStorm my own customized vehicle of creative superpowers.

Like first of all, there has got to be a market for StoryStorm swag, especially with such a cute kitty! Hint: It makes great gifts, and I hit an unmentionable milestone birthday in May.

Four days in and I’m up to fifteen ideas, not too shabby.

Who else is doing StoryStorm with me?

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