#Writing Prompts: Weird News Edition

Happy Friday Junior! Hoping these weird news stories can get your writer’s block, unblocked.

Aquatic Aliens

purple blob

This purple dude has scientists stumped.

An alien invasion perhaps? Or a new species? (The latter is more likely, the former is more interesting).

Death Metal Grandma

Q: “What am I doing today?”


This 93-year-old Holocaust survivor-turned-death-metal-grandma is Betty White meets Marilyn Manson, except a billion times cooler. She NEEDS to be a picture book, stat.

Her music’s messages include: “Don’t destroy what you can’t replace”; and “You can’t destroy death, so laugh about it.”

Aquatic Trash


It’s GARBAGE ISLAND meets Picasso’s Green period.  Jo Atherton, I would encourage you to take a page from Ransom Riggs‘ playbook (see what I did, there?) and write some stories based on your trash murals.  Or someone else can take it, as long as it becomes a book.

Abandoned Mansion


The pixel gremlins fought me on uploading these fascinatingly creepy photos, but the story remains:

  • A gorgeous mansion in a wealthy part of NYC was abandoned in maybe the early 70s.
  • It doesn’t appear to be haunted or occupied by squatters, although
  • Nobody knows why or the story. I need to hear the story, even if somebody makes it up.

Happy writing!

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