I’m a StoryStorm Winner! At Least For Now…

I’m a StoryStorm 2019 Winner!… Now I have to make it count

As my Monty Python-loving nerd camp-mate Amy spent the summer of ’93 saying,  “Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing”. Our camp was an empty dorm at a local college campus, we had 14-year-old metabolisms, and I’m pretty sure she was referring to the cafeteria’s unlimited supply of Munchkins. Or possibly our 6-foot-tall empty soda can pyramid.

That said, Amy had a point.

So back to Storystorm (and hopefully, my point): I ended January 31 with 39 ideas. One day I had seven ideas. Other days I had none. But I stuck to it and came out ahead. The math gets tougher for me going forward, but it’s Feb 3 now and I’ll go to bed tonight with at least 42 ideas.

The point is, in writing (like in life), powering through feasts and famines knowing both are temporary, means that everything evens out.

Personally, I like verbosity, demons, toilet humor, and foul language too much to ever write PBs. But all novels start somewhere, and I have cannibalized past StoryStorm ideas as sub-plots.

January 1 is a rather arbitrary time to make New Year’s Resolutions when my birthday is in May*, but if you do the math above… I turn 40 this year. ((screams)) It’s my first stolen milestone birthday and I feel the need to make 2019 count.

This year, I’m going to try to do a StoryStorm idea every day, or close to it… and hope to have 365 of them come New Year’s Eve.

SO… Who’s with me? Please comment below and we can harass each other through various media to stay accountable.

*Pro tip: Never explain this concept to a family member born on Dec 31 who thinks you’re a megalomaniac.

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