MarginsBox – We Need Diverse Authorpreneurs

The authorpreneur is having a moment. I just backed my friend author/artist Allison CM’s really cute enamel pins on Kickstarter (yay, peacock getting funded)! Now I’m excited for MarginsBox too. Kickstarter is brilliant.

MarginsBox is an embryonic monthly Young Adult book subscription box that features Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) authors. Disclaimer: I lifted that right from their Twitter bio.

The fun inherent in subscription boxes, is a Marketing or Psychology doctorate thesis waiting to happen. Not by me. Until then and probably after, I’m always in favor of bookmail.

Much has been written about how Kidlit books and authors are disproportionately white. I, myself, am white and (while I still have to claw against oddly specific underminers that my generation doesn’t discuss) I had a class with a Trump kid at Georgetown.

However, my husband is Afro-Caribbean and our kids are multi-racial. I started writing in part because there weren’t enough accurate representations of families like mine (origin or whatever you call the one where you’re the parent) on the shelves.

We write and read books because there are a lot of stories, both individual and reflective of universal truths, that need to be told. When publishing is a hurdle-filled marathon that is often stacked against PoC people, their stories get told less.

I’ve been a secondary character in many of the stories of POC in the USA, some sad, some enraging, and some just plain scary, that are the unique experience of PoC. I’ve had white friends and family be floored at our experiences. I won’t go into detail because these aren’t really my stories to tell.

But they should be everyone’s to read.

Boosting a project like @Marginsbox helps ensure that stories like these get visibility and exposure. You, the backer, get a cool new book subscription box, and to support a project that spreads empathy and adds more nuance and voices to the cannon of brand-new YA fiction.

If you’re in that dreaded over-35 demographic, saying you backed something on Kickstarter diffuses ageism.

You can even back for just $1 and get a sticker for your laptop, just to raise your hand as yet another supporter of diverse books.

As soon as I figure out if I can swing the six-month pledge vs the three-month, I’m there.



All opinions are my own; I was not compensated for or even asked to write this post.

Since I wasn’t smart enough to have the idea, I can either kick myself or cheer these ladies on. 📚

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