Writing Prompts: Monsters Real and Imagined


Momo Challenge

The Momo behind the craziness. I’d call it an Instagram filter gone wrong, but what’s up with the creepy ostrich legs? 

Call it… something I came across while doing the writerly “google creepy and disturbing things” task. Or maybe I was looking for Juvederm*, I’m not sure.

Anyway, this Instagram-filter-gone-wrong-with-ostrich-feet thing, (or a prop made by a Japanese horror movie company) messages kids through What’s App and threatens them if they don’t post videos showing them hurting themselves.

As a mother whose kids often use What’s App to speak to family in the Caribbean affordably, my concern is the sick bleep behind this so-called “horror-based game” could be disproportionately impacting immigrant children.

Kudos to 20-something vlogger Shane Andrews (and his awesome hair!) for investigating/taking the challenge as a cool-headed adult.

If the image alone isn’t disturbing enough, whomever is behind this needs to have something horrible done to them. Even if only on the pages of a Middle Grade or Young Adult book.

Usually I appreciate Wikipedia for their quick and simple explanations, but I’m grossed out that they linked this to “Moral Panic”

If you really want your conspiracy theory radar going off:  The UK papers seem to be taking Momo seriously, while our own Washington Post may write Momo off as another urban legend.


*For ME, and/or for book tours, not for some ageist client.

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