Writing Prompt: Paranormal Reborn Dolls

As a little girl, I would spend days acting out stories with my dolls, and I’m now excited that my own daughter does the same.

As a fertility-challenged mom, I see validity in many of the (strong) opinions surrounding reborn dolls. Trust the U.K. papers to report on American weirdness, but it sounds like some people carry them around as surrogate babies.

Then you get artists like Nevereverland Nursery, who dispense with the pretense that this is a real baby. Or at least, a real human baby…

Or at least, they’re not *ordinary* human babies, and that gets my writer mind to thinking that whoever would use one of these dolls as a surrogate baby, needs to be in a children’s book.

And that author needs to @ me ASAP.

In the meantime, I’ve got to say I’ve been tempted to get Baby Nova (below) and carry her around until my husband agrees to another baby. Look at that little mouth! Cute aggression on overload.

Ahem. Happy writing! Or passive-aggressively lobbying your spouse for another baby, your choice.

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