Writing Dreams Deferred – Langston Hughes x Reggie Brown

If Langston Hughes isn’t powerful enough, here comes my Instagram friend Reggie Brown to give him more punch:

So powerful, especially how this is his last week left me physically and emotionally.


These illustrations are so comical and yet… so powerfully disturbing.

You can see why I’m a fan.

Improving on Langston Hughes is a tall order and yet… Reggie knocked it out of the park.

Visualizing your dreams as actual physical beings (bonus points if they’re cartoony and adorable ) can be a powerful motivator.

Sad update to this post (created Friday and auto-scheduled for Monday) I learned this weekend that my younger cousin, in his mid-twenties, died very suddenly. What a sobering reminder that we can’t take the future for granted.

Stay true to yourselves this week. πŸ’–


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