Writing Prompt: Creepy Clowns

When a  cool-haired Writing Twitter friend made reference to the USA being terrorized by clowns in 2016 🤡 I thought she was taking a jab at the puerile tone of a certain election. In my defense, I had two small kids at two different schools, and most of my news media revolved around PTA and Disney.  They are now at the same school, and…

Anyway, I’m very glad that this apparently global viral prank, or mindgame, or… whatever it was… has died down. Yikes! And of course, the weirdest and scariest clown incident happened on Halloween in Florida. I live here, I can say it.

What’s really going to keep me up at night now, and what would make a really cool YA horror book: Why are the creepy clowns no longer mobbing humanity?  Did red noses stop being cool? Did some unhinged coulrophobe snap and make an example of a few creepy clowns?

Or worse… are the creepy clowns hiding in their closets, polishing their squeaky shoes, and plotting their next steps?

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