Writing Prompt: Olivia Mabel vs the Tulpa


Stick doll clad in dead child's clothing, found on the altar in the Mabel home
Doll found on the altar in the Mabel home. Clothes are made of the late Aiden’s clothing.

We all read The Monkey’s Paw in Junior High English class… around the time I was doing that, apparently it was playing out in a more horrific and heartbreaking way in small-town Texas.

Following the death of her only son, Aiden, by drowning (“Misadventure” on the death certificate), abandoned grieving mom Olivia Mabel raised a twisted version of a Tulpa. Catholic trying to describe Buddhism ahead, but a tulpa/thoughtform is a sort of imaginary friend willed to life by its creator. It sounds like they’re usually benevolent beings…

Except here, where Mrs. Mabel apparently tried to resurrect her son through one and the tulpa killed her at least once.

How an isolated woman pre-internet got hold of the Tibetan Book of the Dead or how it went so horribly wrong remains an unsolved mystery. Naturally, the Mabel home/property are thought to be haunted and can’t be sold.

This episode of Weird Darkness podcast talks about the Olivia Mabel case. In general, it’s a great source for creative brainfood.

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