Writing Prompt: Plastic Zombie Cartoon Phones on the Beach

Pieces of water-logged plastic Garfield cat phone’s washed up on a French beach.

A beach in Brittany, France, bears the dubious honor of being a haven for waterlogged 80s Garfield the cat phones to wash ashore.

Now I’m not so annoyed with my parents for refusing to get one as our house phone way back when.

The backstory is relatively unglamorous – a cargo ship full of the chubby cat phones sank in the North Atlantic in the 80s – but there are so many other places a writer could take this.

Nephew of Swamp Thing: the Shipwrecked Garbage branch of the family.

Angry mutant micro-plastic-enhanced fish storming the beach.

The adults of the developed world taking a stand against excessive plastic.

If you’d prefer to just read about ocean trash, Fred Koehler’s GARBAGE ISLAND is excellent.

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