Writing Prompt: The Mashed Potato Bandit of Bellhaven, MS

Buttered mashed potatoes in glass bowl with spoon set on a granite counter beside asparagus bunch
No mashed potatoes were harmed in the making of this blog post. Thanks Freeimageslive!

According to Reddit (r/nottheonion, of course), residents of Bellhaven, MS, have been finding random bowls of mashed potatoes in their mailboxes, on their cars, in their yards.

It’s probably just a harmless prank of some angsty teenage hipster trying too hard to be edgy and deep. Leave in the skins or not? Use butter or ghee? It’s really about, like, our place in the universe, dude. Don’t you get that?

However, nobody’s eaten the mashed potatoes because… obvious. This has all the makings of a cool urban legend. Maybe Slenderman is trying to fatten future victims up?

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