CATWAD: IT’S ME, TWO by Jim Benton | Book Review

Kidlit Exchange / Scholastic partner – Thank you both for the ARC of CATWAD: IT’S ME, TWO.

In what’s shaping up to be the most dysfunctional best frenemy/roommate/chosen family relationship since Ren & Stimpy, Catwad and Blurmp are back.

CATWAD: IT’S ME, TWO, darker than its predecessor, centers around Blurmp. But the happy-go-lucky Blurmp of the first Catwad has largely given way to a calculatingly stupid kitty whose mishaps mostly burn just Catwad. Except for the time Blurmp’s stupidity infects the world with a zombie virus.

Make that mostly calculating – Blurmp still mistakes a diarrhea medicine commercial for a video game and has a blast beating… something. Oh, and then Blurmp glues himself to Catwad for eternity in a decoupage project gone wrong.

On the minus side, the chapters are shorter (in the face of cooler storylines) and I got more “antagonistic co-dependency” than the quirky”opposites attract platonic love” of the first Catwad book.

But with a name built on the Demotivators-style humor of an angry bunny and a Dumb Diary, nobody should come looking to Jim Benton to be the Tony Robbins of graphic novels.

On the plus side, they were running zombie jokes, catnip that bites Catwad in the butt, and in general trippier pranks and storylines in the little vignettes. There is also a maze and a picture puzzle at the end, a plus up from the first book.

In short, worth it for a reluctant reader as a quick, fun book as long as they understand that the over-the-top pranks don’t translate into real life. I’m still holding out hope for a Happy Bunny book, but Catwad/Blurmp’s wacky storylines will have me looking for their third adventure.

CATWAD: IT’S ME, TWO is out Sept 17 from Scholastic/Graphix Books.

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