Creepy Crawlies Gone Cute: SNAIL AND WORM ALL DAY (Cybils Nominee)

Next up in my Cybils TBR stack (a handful down, a mountain to go) comes Easy Reader SNAIL & WORM ALL DAY (Three Stories About Two Friends) by author-illustrator Tina Kügler. My apologies, my keyboard does not make umlauts.

In line with the sub-title, these are three quick graphic-novel style stories, told in episodic format, and always ending on a funny note. Snail is the curious but dim-witted one; Worm is the wise one. The dynamic is somewhat that Worm is the more paternal (maternal?) while Snail sees all the magic and wonder around.

I love how the two foil one another’s strengths, growing into better, um, creepy-crawlies, together.

Snail isn’t having a great day, so cheers up by looking around to see who’s having their best day ever.
Snail finds a scary dragon… or maybe a turtle living inside the shell.
Worm and Snail write a bedtime story together.


  • Genders aren’t really indicated or necessary in any of these characters, making it a good choice for a child who would benefit from a book with low emphasis on gender, or high emphasis on co-creation.
    • Edit: I understand from Tina Kügler that the non-specific sex of either character is scientifically accurate. 🐌 🐛 Details, details. I still think it’s better that way.
  • Snail is an eternal optimist, and speaks in a way that plants seeds of kindness.
Yeah, that’s MY review she’s talking about. #nailedit #micdrop

SNAIL & WORM ALL DAY (Three Stories About Two Friends) is available now from HMH Books for Young Readers.

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