CLYDE: Feel-good Misanthropy with a Moral

Thanks Jim Benton & YoeBooks for the review copy of CLYDE, Jim Benton’s newest graphic novel.

The guy who brought us Happy Bunny, Catwad, and Dear Dumb Diary is clearly not here to blow sunshine in our faces, and Clyde does not stray from Benton’s path of feel-good misanthropy.

Clyde thinks of himself as a bad guy. Armed with a lethal pinecone, he sets out to leave his hometown of Cubville and up his bad-guy game in Grizzly City. (“Bad as Bologna. That’s been left out on the counter.”).

Except Clyde can’t take on big-city bad guys without farting in fear, and worse, gets beat up by Mellisa Sue, a reformed bad-girl butterfly looking to spread the gospel of sweetness, light, and pretty Thermoses.

I didn’t misspell her name and I feel compelled to prove it.

Clyde isn’t having it until he and his worm brother Tinkledirt need to rescue their turtle grandma (and her 800 new BFFs) from some evil-but-fortunately-really dumb fish.

This is still Jim Benton, so Clyde’s redemption still leaves him sarcastic and gross.

Moral: You don’t have to be sickly-sweet, or even all that pleasant, to be a good person. Or bear.

This may be the first time in human history that absurdity and slapstick/gross-out humor are here to deliver character education, and I’m here for it.

CLYDE is out now from YeoBooks.

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