Shiverwood Academy: A HAIRY PROBLEM (Cybils Nominee)

Thanks to Magic Wagon for the e-copy of A HAIRY PROBLEM (Shiverwood Academy series) by Lea Taddonio. A HAIRY PROBLEM was nominated for the Cybils Awards, and this copy was provided to evaluate for the nomination.

Class clown (and werewolf) Jackson Wolfgang can’t seem to stop making mischief. He’s about to write himself off as a bad kid and is frustrated with another trip to the principal’s office.

Hold the jokes about the full moon – cyclops Principal Odd has noticed that Jackson gets sent to his office for disrupting class monthly, and introduces him to cool kid track star Chris Claws. Chris was once a troublemaker till he – and in fact the entire Shiverwood Academy track team – learned to channel their full moon crazies into sports.

I’m noticing a recurring theme of “awkward kid/preteen monster/superhero struggles to deal with his/her powers” in this batch of books and I love it. This “grow through your imperfections” message offsets the societal trope of sports as a panacea.

In Taddonio’s defense, I love that the often-overlooked track is used as the day-saving activity (team/ball sports aren’t the only way to be athletic!). Great message of re-framing and redemption, packed in a short and colorfully-illustrated volume.

With 48 pages of eye-catching text broken into four chapters – with funky font word pop-outs – this is a quick and fun read.

Congrats Lea on your nomination!

A HAIRY PROBLEM is available now from Magic Wagon.

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