Shiverwood Academy: FRANKENSTEVE (Cybils Nominee)

Thanks to Magic Wagon for the e-copy of FRANKENSTEVE (Shiverwood Academy series) by Lea Taddonio. This book was nominated for the Cybils Awards, and this copy was provided to evaluate for the nomination.

Everybody at Shiverwood Academy is… well, a monster, but Frankensteve is the only monster who was built as an experiment by scientist parents. Worse, his body parts keep falling off at the most embarrassing times.

Hip-hop dancing is the only time he feels good about himself, so he decides to perform a dance for the school talent show and show his classmates he’s not Frankensteve the Freak but Frankensteve the Fly.

All he needs to do is get over his stage fright – good thing his crush-about-to-turn-friend Azriel is there to help build his confidence.

I can take it or leave it that it’s being asked out (an ego booster, yes*, but it would be problematic if the genders were reversed) by a girl that gets Frankensteve’s confidence back up.

But there’s a lot to be said for the moral: Let your own unique light shine.

Diversity: Yes, it’s a book about monsters and not central to the story, but Frankensteve’s human scientist parents are an interracial couple: His mom is Black and his dad is white.

With the fun book design and eye-catching illustrations similar to companion book A HAIRY PROBLEM, FRANKENSTEVE is also an enjoyable reading experience.

Congrats Lea on your nomination!

FRANKENSTEVE  is available now from Magic Wagon.

*When the person hitting on you isn’t a complete weirdo, that is.

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