Problem Solving, Friendship, and Baby Monkeys! YASMIN THE ZOOKEEPER (Cybils Nominee)

When I heard my seven-year-old daughter screaming downstairs I figured either another iguana had gotten inside or maybe she’d found Santa’s stash.

Fortunately, she’d just gotten into my box of Cybils nominees from Picture Window Books and found YASMIN THE ZOOKEEPER. (Thanks, Picture Window Books!)

And yes, that’s Saadia Faruqi and Hatem Aly’s second Cybils nomination (Chapter books) for Yasmin. Obviously, we’re not the only ones who love this creative, caring, funny and brave little lady.

Yasmin makes her first ride on the school bus – to go on a class trip to the zoo, where she is picked to feed the monkeys! Unfortunately, she has to be creative and get her classmates to work together when she trips and drops all the monkeys’ food into the water.


While this book is less about Yasmin’s Pakistani-American culture than fellow Cybils nominee YASMIN THE CHEF, there’s still backmatter with an urdu glossary and some fun facts about Pakistani animals.

Also some good discussion questions on problem-solving and friendship. (Which if you don’t have a real-life second-grade girl, rest assured this demographic all needs reminders from time to time. With cute baby monkeys to drive the point home.)

YASMIN THE ZOOKEEPER is available now from Picture Window Books – both as a standalone and in the collection YASMIN IN CHARGE.

Congrats again to Saadia and Hatem on your nominations!

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