An Ode to UNDERWEAR! (Cybils Nominee)

I’ve been on the PTA board (includes book fair) for a couple years now and Jenn Harney’s UNDERWEAR! was the first time I’ve ever seen every single teacher in two grades wish list one title.

Obviously I was not surprised to see this one get nominated for Cybils. Regardless, congrats Jenn on your nomination!

And thank you to Disney-Hyperion for the review copy.


A little bear cub gets out of the tub, is supposed to put on his underwear… Instead, he uses his underwear for literally everything but a butt-garment and hilarity ensues.

So does a flooded bathroom, which is actually really funny when it’s someone else’s kid.

It’s seasoned author Jenn Harney’s author/illustrator debut, and I’m calling it now: She nailed it.


  • While the pages aren’t numbered (my only actual beef with this book) I’d categorize this one as a rhyming picture book, not an easy reader.
  • Per the title, this is a book about underwear. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the book for you.


  • It’s hilarious. As the mother of a little boy, I’m feeling the funniness of butts and the timeless nature of “undearwear on your head” so hard. Across culture, ethnicity, and time, underwear jokes are truly an integral part of the universal human story for both little boys and their moms.

My Eight-Year-Old Son’s Take

No actual comment, but he laughed so hard (interspersed with squeaks of “Underwear!”) he had to have an oxygen mask.

UNDERWEAR! is available now from Disney-Hyperion.

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