Mind-bendy Metaphysics + Cute Anthropomorphic Animals = HAROLD & HOG PRETEND FOR REAL! (Cybils Nominee)

I would kind of hate to be Santat’s or Willems’ Intellectual Property attorney right now* but I’m just a book blogger and mom and this mind-bendy mashup tale is amazing and it’s just a matter of time before it’s featured in That Cool Professor’s Philosophy curriculum.

Thank you to Disney Hyperion for the review copy of Cybils Easy Reader nominee HAROLD AND HOG PRETEND FOR REAL! by Dan Santat, with a little help from Mo Willems.


It’s not entirely which elephant/pig pair discovers which but Santat’s guys (Harold and Hog) pretend so be Willems’ (Elephant and Piggie). That’s right. Two pairs of elephant-pig BFFs rip the dimensional fabric between their two fictional worlds, and it only gets cooler from there.

But just as opposites attract for each pair of best friends, Harold and Hog find that personalities are switched across species in their Willems counterparts. Discomfort ensues until the two learn to embrace their true inner selves over their outer appearances.

(Cant wait to be careful)


If you’re not familiar with Elephant and Piggie, you won’t enjoy this book as much as you could have.


  • First of all, brilliant, mind-bendy concept that had my kids laughing for hours (nary a fart or poop joke in sight)
  • Ends on a cool cliffhanger that leaves the door open for a sequel where Elephant and Piggie take over Harold and Hog’s world. I’d be here for it.
  • The brainworm nature of this adorable story is going to make sure the moral gets embedded deep in kids’ heads: Life only works when you be yourself.

HAROLD AND HOG PRETEND FOR REAL! is available now from Disney Hyperion. Whether it’s shelved under S or W… if you figure it out, let me know!

*Kidding. If I had a JD I’d pop an aspirin or ten and be all over it.

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