My Life as a Historical Fiction Writing Prompt

Ironically by having a blog where I talk about having trouble making time to write amidst my double/triple life… somehow I must have manifested, more insanity.

2020 has been a rolling-up-to-accept-my-Rising-Kite-on-a-knee-scooter-and-trying-to-hide-the-cast-in-the-picture kind of year.

I promised myself I’d write a thousand words a day for Lent, which has been somewhat disrupted by any cough or sneeze from me or my kids becomes panic.

Seriously, I can’t wait to see the historical fiction resulting from now… all I need to do is make it through full-time homeschool + full-time remote work without completely losing my mind. Or getting Corona virus… given the extent of my nerve damage and spinal injuries plus the weird social dynamics of where I live, I don’t know that I would get prioritized for care.

And while I’m beyond grateful that my company is having us work from home to stay safe… I’m working full-time and homeschooling full-time. To a seven- and nine-year-old, my insistence they do their schoolwork is screwing up a well-deserved, extended summer vacation.

In other words, what is all this “quarantine boredom” everybody’s talking about?

All I can do is move forward, re-read The Secret (likely, listen to it on Audible while doing my 900th load of dishes for the day) and work out a way through humanity’s latest shakeup.

Stay safe if you’re reading. ❤

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