My Picks for Cybils – 2020

No, this is not just a regurgitation of old blog posts. While I try to review everything publishers generously send me… I can’t review everything I read.

But I’m always reading to or listening to something. Here are the 2020 books I hope get nominated for Cybils.

Early Readers/Chapter Books

Diary of an Ice Princess

Yeah, I said this last year. Lina is still a spunky, smart loyal princess. And as many books come through my house

In the words of my former five-year-old, “Being white is NOT THAT SPECIAL!” Lina is kidlit’s only answer to that. My daughter is now eight and way past this reading level, but still demands these.

Middle Grade Fiction

THE FORGOTTEN GIRL (India Hill Brown) – Last year, I had the ARC and… no pub date till just after eligibility closed! Check out my review here.

THE CANDY MAFIA Check out my review here.


Graphic Novels

Dog Man — Dav Pilkey needs no introduction. Chomping toilet monsters, flaming paper bags, and a zombie cop with a dog’s head round out a hilarious series with a bumbling sometimes-antihero and a loveably morally gray antagonist.

I read someplace Pilkey had ADHD or some sort of learning disturbance as a kid and found a way to love books anyway. It shows in all his poop joke-filled writing that he wants this generation of little boys to find the same.

Mr. Wolf’s Class FiELD TRIP

Confession: I haven’t read this one. But my super left-brained (LINK TO POST), “I’m-only-good-at-math-and-everything-else-can-bug-off” nine-year old son makes a beeline to Mr. Wolf in the bookstore. He recently learned about pre-ordering, and insisted I pre-order this one.

Male teacher, multi-species forest animals that all get along, and just enough slapstick.



Mall – Set in 1991, this book is a must-read for anyone who was in upper-elementary school through college then. The pop culture references are truly that glorious.

What I love about Me


This isn’t a category in Cybils. And 2020 is not the year to ask people to take on more.

But DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, a star-studded (diverse creators) anthology tribute to Alvin Schwartz’s SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, is absolutely freaking brilliant.

My review is here.

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