Gudetama Does Mindfulness

Thank you Netgalley for the digital copy of GUDETAMA: MINDFULNESS FOR THE LAZY. This graphic novel is by Wook-Jin Clark; right beneath Gudetama’s kawaii sarcasm is great advice on how to be a better person… or oviod-thing.

I’m peripheral to the cult of Gudetama. My daughter and I are huge Tokidoki nerds; and that brand often collabs with this inexplicably adorable raw egg. So I can’t comment on how authentic Gudetama this book is. (To the degree Sanrio characters have deeply detailed personas).

I was also introduced to Nisetama, a humanoid-looking male-ish being in a yellow body stocking whose drive offsets Gudetama’s laziness.


This book is told in cute little comics style with pithy punchlines that make the reader smile… while making us understand the uncomfortable border between mindfulness and modern-day western culture. Remember kids, just because something is intelligent or healthy doesn’t make it a good match for corporate America.

Realistically shows that being mindful and ethical means learning to rise above when others aren’t as enlightened as you (and many won’t be).

Gudetama also shows us how to forgive ourselves and move forward when we stumble. It’s sad that an illustrated, anthropomorphic raw egg has to be the one to give us these lessons but Gudetama is so cute I’m here for it.

“Don’t be a butt” and words of wisdom belong together.

Mindfulness for the Lazy will be available April 6, 2021.

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