THE ATTACK OF THE YELLOW SMART SACK (Fright Vision #6 – with Discount Code!)

Thank you again to Culliver Crantz, who provided THE ATTACK OF THE YELLOW SMART SACK (FrightVision #6) book as part of the FrightVision Brand Advocates program. Political science scholar Robert Walcott co-authored this book with Crantz.

Middle Grade horror series FrightVision, is billed as a series you can read in any order after the foundational THE CURSED COIN. I didn’t necessarily see where I couldn’t have enjoyed or understood this book. And my nine-year-old daughter started FrightVision with this book and had no issue.


Seventh-grader Lewis Izinger has finally gotten his hands on the Holy Grail of middle school popularity: The high-end Yellow Smart Sack. In a spiel reminiscent of a 90s late-night As Seen on TV infomercial, this backpack slices, dices, and makes you smarter, taller, better looking. But too late Lewis realizes that the Smart Sack isn’t just bag, or even a pet simulation: It’s a parasite looking to take over its owner!

Now with the help of his best friend Justin, Lewis must rush to find a way to defeat his Smart Sack before its too late to save his life and his classmates’.

At 128 pages, this volume is suitable for Grades 3-6. Chapters are short enough and antics are funny enough to engage a reluctant reader.


Lewis is very relatable – funnny, engaging, down-to-earth, and learns his lesson (don’t turn your back on your friends; tackle serious problems head-on and with help from others) quickly and with humility.

Unexpected plot devices leveraging climate change, the scientific method, and info about parasites, that somehow work despite being educational. The climate change piece (extinct animals; knife through the heart!) promoted a great discussion with my daughter.

Lack of physical description of most of the characters (especially Lewis & his close circle), lets any child co-create a diverse cast.

The end of this book was absolutely brilliant. I don’t post spoilers. 🙂


Some irresponsible action by Lewis and Justin (breaking into the chemistry lab and attempting to poison Jasper the Smart Sack with pilfered poison). He does get sick and learn from the experience.

The book’s structure (started at Chapter 23, then jumped back to Chapger 1) threw my nine-year-old daughter. I thought it was fun and cool. Split the difference?

Want to try Fright Vision?

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