Creepy Cafetorium (#BookAllies)

Something is a little magically wonky with the cafetorium of Newville Elementary (which is most definitely not a portal to another dimension), and editor Colleen AF Venable and illustrator Anna-Maria Jung have taken us along for the ride!

Superstar team of JoeMcGee, Justin Weinberger, Shelby Arnold, Marcie Colleen, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, and Amanda McCann contributed their wacky brilliance.

Thank you to Andrews McMeel, Epic, and of course #BookAllies for the review copy of CREEPY CAFETORIUM: Six Spooky, Slimy, Silly, Short Stories. All opinions are mine.

Narrated by adorably creepy custodian Gertie (who is most definitely not 600 years old) this “Gravity Falls meets Wayside School” collection of silly/spooky stories is the perfect collection for the reader who either needs a good laugh or gets spooked easily.

A girl is cloned and Single White Femaled by lime Jell-O. An entire town can’t stop singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. A too-cool-for-school boy buys a notebook that makes all his excuses come true.  


  • These stories are hilarious, and so over-the-top ridiculous that they are brilliant.
  • Sandwiched in between the absurdism and fart jokes, is some solid character education.

It looks like least a few of these stories appeared on; but this volume combines them all into one wonderfully wacky volume, sandwiched between zany comics, activities, diagrams, and the Newville Elementary yearbook.

With six stories coming to 213 pages of heavily-illustrated text and larger print, this book is highly recommended for a reluctant reader or a reader transitioning out of chapter books.


I hope to see a sequel very soon!

CREEPY CAFETORIUM is out now from Andrews McMeel.

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