Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2022!

Multicultural Children’s Book Day is BACK!

Signups are now open for Jan 28, 2022.

Register to review or donate books here:

I was honored to be chosen as a reviewer last year, and excited to get a book about a woman from my husband’s country who is NOT a musician šŸ˜‰ and a book featuring a group that’s given me friends and family, that is often left out of the diversity discussion for some reason.

Both were creative non-fiction books with absolutely gorgeous illustrations; and texts that highlighted some of the very positive values that both these groups hold.

This year it sounds like there will be some books featuring neurodiverse characters.

It’s no secret that I deal with a lot of prejudice because of my brain injury. Seeing that part of my identity reflected as valuable and with stories worth telling, honestly sent me running for the Kleenex…

… and this was as a grown woman with an expert trauma therapist. Imagine the boost it gives children to see themselves reflected on the shelves like that.

TL;DR: Multicultural Children’s Book Day introduces us to books that maybe don’t have the hashtags, the swag, the hype on social media… but that tell us things we need to hear.

Sign up today!

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