Thank you to Crimson Dragon Publishing for the review copy of THE ROSE WITHOUT A NAME (The Story of the Katrina Rose) by Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs, illustrated by Melissa Vandiver. I received it in my capacity as a Cybils Non-Fiction Picture Book judge; all opinions are my own, etc.

Gardener Peggy Martin had over four hundred varieties of roses growing in her garden in the Louisiana bayou. All had a name except one – despite her searching for its name for years.

Then Katrina hit and Peggy lost everything – her home, her parents, most of her garden – except the nameless rosebush. It came to be named the Peggy Martin rose, and has stood as a symbol of hope that life goes on.


  • Backmatter has facts about hurricanes, roses, and pictures of the real Peggy Martin and her namesake rosebush.
  • Breathtaking illustrations, and inspiring story told from the perspective of the rosebush.
  • Seriously, how cool is that???


  • Trigger warning: The vivid illustrations of the post-Hurricane Katrina destruction are almost as sad as the real-life footage.
  • Neither text nor back matter get into the social justice issues of Katrina, though the tremendous loss of life is mentioned.

THE ROSE WITHOUT A NAME is available now from Crimson Dragon Publishing.

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