“This book is good. It makes Covid seem less scary.” – My nine-year-old daughter

And wow. Thank you Sourcebooks for the review copy of Cybils nominee The Ellas Educan Collective’s (author) and Mariona Tolosa Sisteré’s (illustrator) nonfiction picturebook THE SECRET LIFE OF VIRUSES: Incredible Science Facts about Germs, Vaccines, and What You Can Do to Stay Healthy.

Sick burn… Oh, yeah, that’s right: FACTS. 🦠

Written by a group of six female scientists, this book presents a balanced, nuanced, and plain-English version of the good, the bad, and the ugly of viruses & vaccines. The scientifically-accurate cartoon illustrations are cute enough to melt the most science-denying Q-Anon heart out there.

I wish my family had had this book earlier this year, when a certain virus messed me around so badly I got last rites through Zoom.


This very timely nonfiction picture book, cute enough to capture younger kids but with enough detail to keep upper-elementary schoolers engaged, provides a comprehensive picture of viruses that is so badly needed. 

Personally, I’m ready to tell both a certain virus and science-deniers to kiss my flabby white Ivermectin. For like-minded people; this book is an enjoyable read with just enough gross-out humor details to keep kids hooked until they understand how viruses work.

The cartoon viruses are actually cute. I love how the text and illustrations give a just-the-facts perspective to demystify viruses and bacteria.

THE SECRET LIFE OF VIRUSES is available now from Sourcebooks.

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