FRAMED FOR LIFE (FrightVision #4)

Thank you once again to author Culliver Crantz, who sent me FRAMED FOR LIFE, FrightVision #4, as part of the #FrightVision #BrandAdvocates program. For this one, Crantz teamed with Artemis Hart and Bruce Zanders.

Josh has a crush on his new neighbor, Beatrice Waters… but he and his friends (budding cop Clio and conspiracy-crazed Tom) quickly notice not all is normal. For one thing, her parents keep hundreds of photographs of her and all kinds of creepy-looking collectables all over the house. Even weirder, the grownups in Josh’s neighborhood all insist Beatrice’s parents lost their only child in a tragic accident.

With Crantz’s classic trio of cerebral scary premise; morally gray antagonist; and creepy cliff-hanger ending, all packaged in short, consumable chapters packed with twists and turns, this story is sure to delight the gutsier FrightVision fans.

This is definitely the scariest so far of the series, with vague-ish references to black magic and a grieving mom who would stop at nothing to make her family whole again.

Trigger Warnings/SpoilersDrowning, Attempted Ritual Abuse

  • Beatrice was drowned by evil water nymphs.
  • Mrs. Waters tries to use black magic to kill Josh, Tom and Clio for a sacrifice to bring Beatrice back to life.

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