BROKEN HEARTS (FrightVision #8)

It’s no secret I can’t get enough of the FrightVision series, Culliver Crantz’s fast-paced Middle Grade horror novels.

Which is why I was excited to be gifted BROKEN HEARTS, number eight in the FrightVision series, as part of the FrightVision Brand Advocates program. All opinions are mine.

For thirteen-year-old Xander, the only thing worse than being the new kid in town is living in a supposedly haunted house. Even after his mom confirms the previous owner died there, Xander isn’t sure what to believe – until a creepy painting in his bedroom starts bleeding and Xander sees ghosts!

With the help of shy, awkward classmate Marcus, Xander decides to investigate the mystery of the ghost so he can live in peace and the boys can level up their social outcast status.

When they finally meet the ghost, the spirit is… not quite what they expect. Can the boys trust their new friend?


A sweet story about the power of love and friendship (in life and beyond), with just enough twists and turns. Crantz’s short chapters, dead-on portrayal of adolescent boy friendship, and trademark creepy cliffhanger endings will keep readers turning the pages.

BROKEN HEARTS is available now from Write 211.

Check out FrightVision for yourself! Use discount code KCFV10 for 10% off your purchase on the FrightVision website or Etsy store.

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