Why My Cybils reviews will be delayed

As a Cybils panelist, I spent November and December receiving boxes and boxes of nominated books. My neighbors were asking my husband in hushed tones if everything was OK with me.

Being a Cybils panelist is a LOT of reading – even for a bookworm. It’s TOUGH to fall in love with 100+ amazing books and then narrow it down to a handful of finalists. This year especially, almost everything I read blew me away. It was almost like people spent most last year locked in their houses with nothing to do but write.

Recommending literature that shapes young minds to educators and librarians is an honor, but also a massive responsibility.

However, I very strongly believe that if a publisher or an author takes the time to send me a book ( Have you been to the post office lately? Ugh!) and I like it, the respectful thing to do is post a review.

But doing a book review takes time; more time than I was able to afford on top of fairly evaluating the Cybils nominees (and all the other things life brought in 2H 2021 – most of them exhausting.)

TL; DR? Thank you, authors and publishers. I got your books. I loved them. And over the coming weeks/months, I’ll do justice to the awesome review copies you generously sent me, even though it’s belated.

And PS – Cybils leadership? Can I pretty please come back in 2022?

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