I’m a Sensitivity Reader!

Today I am excited to announce: I’m a Sensitivity Reader for Row House Publishing! I’m so honored and grateful to be part of an authors-first team and help raise the volume on voices that matter.

Like any member of a marginalized group, daily life includes a series of micro and macro-aggressions to make sure I never forget I’m “different”.

Many people are born into marginalized groups, and have their whole life to get used to this abuse. Which let’s be clear, is not always intentional.

People frequently don’t understand my lived experience. More often than not, they either don’t try; are unkind; deliberately spew harmful ignorance; get combative when confronted with facts or perspectives that don’t fit their narrative; and/or any combination of the above.

It’s not just me as a disabled, neurodiverse person: Reiterate the above experience for any marginalized person (Disability, minority race/ethnicity/religion, LGBTQIA+ identity, etc).

As a sensitivity reader, my job is to plug a tiny hole in the harmful ignorance – at least as it appears in the boo you’ve written. We all have blind spots and subconscious prejudices; it’s part of being human.

Choosing a sensitivity reader says you want to be better. It also says that you see marginalized people and want to be an ally, not someone perpetuating the harm.

Being chosen as a sensitivity reader is oddly validating. Row House Publishing made it clear they feel that people like me are important and deserve to be represented accurately and with dignity.

It’s very humbling, and not a responsibility I take lightly.

Thank you again Row House for having me on your team. I’m so excited to read your stories!

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