Thank you Culliver Crantz for the review copy of FrightVision’s FRIGHTFULLY FUN PUZZLES, GAMES & STORIES. My family and I are having such a blast being Fright Vision Brand Advocates!

A book that isn’t a story is a bit of a hard sell for me – Hey, I’m obsessed with stories and have young kids I’m trying to tiger mom into the Ivy League. But I do love a good creativity exercise or kids. Whatever Crantz’ background, he’s great at stoking kids’ imaginations, and this puzzle book is no exception.

From the hilariously gross –

Would you rather eat worms or raw sardines?

to the thought-provoking –

Would you rather be haunted by a ghost or be a ghost?

The Would You Rather section of this book ( a good half of it) will spark hours of entertaining and imaginative conversations; or would be a great creative writing prompt for an elementary or middle schooler.

The rest of the book features just-difficult-enough word searches, a FrightVision series-themed crossword, writing and drawing prompts (with hashtags for kid creators to share online) and ghost-story-themed mad libs.

Answer keys are at the end.

And let’s not forget – Chapter Zero of THE PEEPHOLE (FrightVision #9). It will pull in a kid who hasn’t read the book, and tug the heartstrings of one who has.

Check out FrightVision for yourself! Use discount code KCFV10 for 10% off your purchase on the FrightVision website or Etsy store.

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