About Me

My Rock Poem from the Highlights Foundation Word Garden. Way more fun than magnetic poetry. Did I mention I won a scholarship to there?

A New England expat, I live between strip malls in suburban Fort Lauderdale with my Jamaican-born husband, our two children, and a disturbing number of houseplants.

We’re the only interracial/interfaith couple, and I’m the only disabled person, in the neighborhood. That alone is a snarky memoir waiting to happen. But for now, Middle Grade with its perfect blend of wise and weird, is where I’ve found my voice.

My lived experiences that seep into my writing include being a surviving sibling; having visible and invisible physical differences; my obsessions with candy, glitter, and unicorns; and apparently a deep-seated dislike of birds.

Professionally, I’ve been everything from The Eccentric One at a snotty management consultancy to being The Boring One at a hip digital agency.

Look to the part of me that’s actually interesting and I’m a mother, an Eastern Star, a Yankees hater, a Hoya, a cat lady, a Tokidoki collector, and a cryptozoology enthusiast; fueled by coffee, sarcasm, fart jokes, and sugar-free chocolate; and mostly disguised as a responsible adult.

Writing Street Cred

  • Highlights Foundation scholarship recipient, 2018
  • Cybils Panelist, 2019, 2021
  • SCBWI Miami Rising Kite Honorable Mention, 2020