About Me

My Rock Poem from the Highlights Foundation Word Garden. Way more fun than magnetic poetry. Did I mention I won a scholarship to there?

A New England expat, I live between strip malls in suburban Fort Lauderdale with my Jamaican-born husband, our two children, and a disturbing number of houseplants.

We’re the only interracial/interfaith couple, and I’m the only person with a visible disability, in the neighborhood. Good times.

My lived experiences that seep into my writing include being a surviving sibling; having a TBI and visible physical limitations; my obsessions with candy, glitter, and unicorns; and apparently a deep-seeded dislike of birds.

Professionally, I’ve been everything from a snotty management consultant to being THAT coworker. (Newsflash: If you have intellectual differences and work in tech… nobody likes you.) But like Einstein’s fish who can’t climb a tree, I’d rather be judged for how well I can swim. (Metaphorically speaking, of course).

Look to the part of me that’s actually interesting and I’m a mother, an Eastern Star, a Yankees hater, a Hoya (got the degree before the brain injury), a cat lady, a Tokidoki collector, and a cryptozoology enthusiast; fueled by coffee, sarcasm, fart jokes, and sugar-free chocolate; and mostly disguised as a responsible adult.

Writing Street Cred

  • Highlights Foundation scholarship recipient, 2018
  • Cybils Panelist, 2019
  • SCBWI Miami Rising Kite Honorable Mention, 2020