Review Policy

I’m your best bet to review:

ARCs for MG or YA fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, or weird kidlit nonfiction about obscure topics. Bonus points for humorous, bizarre, and/or absurdist; major bonus points for diverse characters and/or marginalized/POC authors.

I’d love to review your book and interview you if: 

Your path to publication was strange, unusual, or something you’d like to share with the world. (Of course your path to publication was strange… you’re an author, it goes with the territory).

How I review:
I will not give a bad review to a book that an author has poured their heart and soul into. Just because a book is not for me, doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to any of the few billion other literate Earthlings.  I’m selective, but when even my awesome book sense doesn’t work, I’ll pass on an ARC or sadly decline to publish a review.

I review on: 

  • Instagram
  • Goodreads – Note this tends to be very similar content to IG/NetGalley.
  • Twitter – Being Twitter, this is a self-promoting link back to my own IG or blog.
  • Amazon once your release date comes.
  • And obviously this site. 🙂


  • My kids, ages 6 and turning-8-in-Feb, are burgeoning MG readers. Sometimes my ARCs get confiscated, repeatedly, and at any given moment, you’re probably taking a number. It’s always under 10, though I’m aiming to get it lower.
  • It’s such a cliche, but my eyesight sucks (prescription is too strong for most color contacts, BOO) and I have frequent headaches (thanks, truck driver). A paper copy is much easier for me. Thanks for understanding.