Review Policy

I’m a proud member of the very active, seventeen-member #BookAllies ARC-sharing group, and can probably find your ARC a few enthusiastic promoters.

I’m your best bet to review:

ARCs for MG or YA fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, or weird kidlit nonfiction about obscure topics. Bonus points for humorous, bizarre, and/or absurdist; major bonus points for diverse characters and/or marginalized/POC authors.

I’d love to review your book and interview you if: 

Your path to publication was strange, unusual, or something you’d like to share with the world. (Of course your path to publication was strange… you’re an author, it goes with the territory).

How I review:

I will not review your book unless I can give it a great review. 
Authors pour years of their heart, soul, blood, sweat, coffee, and tears int every book they write. Call me an oversensitive INFJ, a Xennial Snowflake, etc. I’m here to uplift writers, not tear anybody down.

I’m one person. There are a few billion other literate Earthlings who may love X book even if I disagree.

I’ve posted a small number of bad reviews on Goodreads; that was a case of either harmful representation or my having promised in advance to publish a review regardless.

I’m working on my bookworm sense.

I review on: 

  • Instagram
  • Goodreads – Note this tends to be very similar content to IG/NetGalley.
  • Twitter – Being Twitter, this is a self-promoting link back to my own IG or blog.
  • Amazon once your release date comes.
  • And obviously this site. 🙂


  • My kids are MG readers. Sometimes my ARCs get confiscated, repeatedly, by a certain individual to whom I gave birth.
  • It’s such a cliche, but for reasons, a paper copy is much easier for me.