Writing Prompts

Part of being a time-crunched writer is, I have a nose for the weird, a brain that works like a kid in a candy store, and more ideas than time to write the actual stories!

Whether you need to break your writer’s block or figure out your next WIP, here are the ideas I didn’t fall in love with for myself, but would love to see on the bookshelves someday.

Bonus: If you are an agent and this is on your #MSWL… let me know and I’ll buy all your clients’ MG and YA books!

Monsters and Urban Legends

The Momo Challenge

Strange Humanity

Abandoned Mansion, the Death Metal Granny

Paranormal Reborn Dolls

Weird Science

Aquatic Purple Alien (or Undiscovered Species)

Conspiracy Theories

Blue Book: the US Government Alien Cover-up

The Creepy Clown Panic of 2016

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